Michonne token wheel issue

Anyone else’s michonne wheel pulls not counting? I have done 56 pulls, but according to the blessing bonus mission, I have only opened 20 times. Wrote customer support, and nothing back. I can’t even attach the pictures on there. I should have 8 kites and zeke right now.

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Yep mine aren’t counting

Out of curiosity did you transfer?

Oh man seriously can we even go an hour without a bug?? Come on scopes!


Sorry @Elliot_Keyes nope

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Nope. Stayed in the same region. It worked fine until I got zeke, and then the game crashed.

Okay because I know it resets when you transfer so some did lose progress then. But typical, game crashes and then players are left missing out on something

I’m at 81 pulls but only recognized for 45 of them.

I got credit for all the pulls but no flags smh

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