Michonne Stash?


That was an accident correct? You know you made that 6* buff to where 5*s are pointless?

Just checking thought maybe that was an accident.


The last time they offered this stash, it only required 30 pulls for each character. And this was before the 6* stat buff fiasco. They have big balls to now raise it to 40 after we’ve all seen what a 6* Boobs can do to a green!


It’s also an exact repeat of one they did over a month ago. Except now 5s are bad. Seems lazy


It’s a non-issue IMO. Even without the 6* buffs, I wouldn’t have pulled for her because Shieldchonne is already available via 5* tokens, and this stash requires 40 pulls to complete rather than the usual 30.


That too, but normally everyones not confused I think people are confused…


Notice how the Lack of Lucille tokens coincides with them being in the stash now.

This isnt a mistake its preying on new regions to get spenders.


No confusion here. Have both… from when they were valid. Even a second michield since the 5s wheel update.


What’s next a 4* stash? Here take my coins :fu:t2:


@kalishane serious question, I really wanna know your opinion. Since you play the game…and you have 6s would you pay money for the Michonne Stash? Since we know how strong 6s are i just seen you talking about Shiva…I need to know why this promo was made…
You guys never sold 4* promos when you had 5*s think of it like that.

Seeing that promo makes me think something extremely negative I don’t want to say on forums.