Michonne roadmap

Wasn’t there supposed to be a third even harder roadmap?

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It’s there, 10 minutes run time so you’re most likely gonna miss it, and 6 acts and very hard difficulty

Not on my game? Got the usual 2? Haven’t had a hard one the whole time?

Like I said, it’s there 10 minutes randomly , so almost everyone is going to miss it

When does it pop mate?

When you’re not paying attention to roadmaps, jk, it’s random I think

Damn :joy: okay mate thank you!

I’ve seen it twice

Anyone know what time it was up? And what are the rewards from it?

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It’s not random. And it hasn’t showed up for anyone.

Was supposed to drop first at 00:00 UTC. And reopen every 4 hours. So it should coincide with the 8 hour map resetting, and at its 4 hour mark. If it shows up like it’s supposed to ofc. Which it already has not

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Anyone know how many flags you need to upgrade Michonne all the way? 60 green and 30 black?

I think its 54 green and 4 or 5 black.

Thank you.

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