Michonne Roadmap A closing at 13 minutes

So I read through all the info, I kinda understand how this works. The balloon one opens every 8 hours, the A map opens ever 2 hours and the X opens in 3 days, every 4 hours.

Nowhere did it say that after spending 10 balloons opening map A and using a refill that it would close at 13 minutes and open map B.

Can I have my balloons back please coz like, if you explained it better, I’d not have wasted them.


Yeah I just made a thread on this also

Oh my lord. Same to me.

Yep, same here. @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely many of us just lost 10 balloons when the Michonne map A just disappeared early (after we paid to open it) and was replaced by Michonne B. How about giving us (or everyone) 10 balloons?


Same here. Just lost 10 balloons.

No we need 30 to cover the loss of not opening the next roadmap also.


Same. :rage:

Also we they worsed the Rewards immensly. 1k 4* Token Instant of 2k 5* Token? Da fu*k

@Hedge. Game has caused a glitch. as the only one active in the dev tracker can you offer any assistance

I don’t see B on my roadmap.
Wait nvm I see it now.

Nerfed rewards smh

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