Michonne road to survival #3


With michonne being the prize for 2nd, is there any plans of making her relevant Again? The coolest part about her was the war drops. But with the “new and improved” 6* meta, if you use her as leader in war, it is a death sentence. Is there any plans on making her ascendable in the near future?


Wait, a totally useless and obsolete second place reward for a solo level up?!

Déjà vu…


This thread could be made about any 5* that isn’t ascendable yet at this point. There are dozens of epics worse than Michonne.


how about the yellow Jesus with his 106 ar. make him relevant since he hasn’t been since his introduction


I still use her to fast farm 13.1. So she still has some use if you need a fast farm character.

I only use Green dropleader Rosa as lead with a +20% AP on every turn weapon. So Michonne gets the bonus ap every turn and AR’s every turn. Super fast farming.
Works with a yellow dropleader with the same special weapon setup.


That is very true. But her leader skill is war specific, and you can not win with her as lead im war. I’ve had her since she first showed up. Very useful, now useless