Michonne map B just reset and got nerfed

I was just playing the Michonne B Roadmap. 1:30h left. Wanted to start last stage and it booted me out of the roadmap (10 balloons wasted… thank you), presenting me a new one on a different spot on the map.

Seems like the same one, it’s also giving 20 ballons but the stage rewards have been nerfed to oblivion. No 2k 5* token, no 25 ascendance medals,…

Thank you Scopely for being shady as fudge again. First time in ages u run a decent roadmap and you go all in and screw the playerbase again. Classy.


LMAO again?!?!


A big amount of players had the same issue with wasted balloons bug. We need a return from devs and hopefully the same balloons back

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I just figured… they dropped Michone A and fired up Michonne B instead.

The map still gives 20 balloons but the stage rewards have been nerfed heavily.

Still messed up.

But look at my awesome pulls from my first 5 tokens!


Why did y’all nerf the drops @GR.Scopely

I lost my 10 ■■■■■■■ balloons. They owe me. >:c

They sent out 10 balloons for last time (I got them in my inbox saying sorry for the inconvenience). I wasn’t even the one affected.


Don’t forget to at least save 10 ballons to open the second roadmap every 2 hours.

yeah but when scopley tries to help that is never good enough for some people. People need to be thankful

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2 beanies was a joke. Should have been at least 2 cans but then again it’s scopely

Point taken. However, I lost 10 Ballons a second time because they decided to nerf the map while it was up.

It’s their fudge up (again) so I can see why people demand another compensation. Especially when their motive is to nerf the map rewards. Very helpful they are indeed.

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Wouldn’t need to be thankful when Scopley help to fix or compensate for their bugs if there weren’t any bugs to begin with… :thinking:


You are lucky. I have only received 3 from all of my pulls so far.

very true. I blame shiva

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Can we all agree that the collectible rewards in this wheel are dogshit?

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Yep just lost rm b about 40 min ok

And we will never know why.

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