Michonne flag issue

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Another event another issue, finished the michonne roadmap and opened my crates choosing green flags. I check my gear and 0 flags. Smh…


Same here

Choose black flags, already had 2 black flags from the flag maps prior for Roxie / Axel, opened the choice boxes and the amount in the inventory didn’t change means it‘s still 2 black flags.

Choose black flägs, already had 2 black flägs from the fläg maps prior for Roxie / Axel, opened the choice boxes and the amount in the inventory didn’t change means it‘s still 2 black flägs.

Same here. Chose Black Flags to try and t4 Axel, but it keeps showing as if I didn’t get any.

Better spend my first balloon pack on Michonne token, thank you.

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Haha my crates haven’t even shown up. Ffs. Guess I’ll wait to claim them if they do XD been waiting for them to show for a hot minute now…

You get the crates in the first roadmap and use those 10 ballons to open the 2nd roadmap and get 20 ballons which will get you 2 tokens which is needed to get Michonne. You need to do the 2nd roadmap 3 times a day at least.


Okay, lol. Gotta do that tomorrow.

Same here just now I saw all of this …
What we doing now?

The choice boxes contain 3* collection items instead of 5* upgrade gear…

They don’t learn anything from past mistakes, do they?

Ummm the fIags are needed to upgrade Michonne

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Wait to open them until they tell us the coast is clear… in order to play this game you gotta be best buds with jb or ladygeek and study ancient scrolls about transfer windows and waves. It takes a specialist to survive these days so we all must come here before we do anything ever or wait for a message from scopely telling us (after our region transfers ended) that it’s safe to use their feature but not really… my point is all we can do is watch others suffer and hope dopely fix it timely manner


Sad this site and line are a necessity to play


Yup lol and im doing a breakdown like i have with other events so im going to be the one who takes the hit and yes you have to be a line app celebrity to be in on the know

Yes, but Scopely messed up and instead of adding the 5* flags (upgrade gear), they added 3* collection items with the same name and appearance.

This also happened not too long ago with the knives to upgrade Christa/James.

That’s why I said “They don’t learn anything from past mistakes, do they?”, lol.


Wow didnt notice this! :man_facepalming: they are literally :clown_face: making a game

Homer Simpson working for dopely


You guys make it incredibly hard to not to be negative when facing constant in-game issues, foggy communication and bugs surrounding events of this nature…

What on earth are you guys doing with the hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars your customers spend on this game? Please… hire some more staff or something :roll_eyes:

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Same here, chose 2 black flags, got 0, please fix this shit scopely.

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