Michone wheel is a shit

thx scopely 80 pulls and only items i dont need

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XDDDD what the fk are u looking for then? theres items for every single s class toon


If there is nothing you need it means that you are a whale


At least you can get toons and kites needed for that Michonne tbh.

maybe Michone or blue keys cause i need it but no scopely know what we need and don’t give it to us just waiting to buy it … fks

already pull 80 token get kits and toons but 0.2 % this is a joke … thx again scopely fks

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You know you can get Michonne from museum collection right?

You can get the toon free by leveling up the 2 free toons and using the kites from the missions. The rest is just bonus s class items what’s to complain about

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