Michone roadmap resets game

The new mischone
roadmap stage 2:2 keeps resetting the game part way through. Anyone else got the same problem?

I would show the screen recording but can’t upload it.

Yeah man had same problem happened bout 3x to me

He new map has come up and it now crashes on stage 1:2.

Now 20 balloons used and unable to complete the road maps. It is only happening to my team in Gilmer region. My team in Barbour region is ok. I’ve reported it to support @JB.Scopely and @GR.Scopely

I am having the same issue. I have contacted support and send a video to @JB.Scopely via line. It started for me on map A and couldnt complete it and now also on map B which i cant complete. Not even going to waste balloons and energy trying on map C. Guess we all wont be in with a fair chance of getting the new michonne toon. These are the first 2 maps i have not completed as well so was doing well.

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It worked for me after I totally changed my team. I was using a yellow team with Michelle lead, Charlie, zeke, Leon and red Christa

Once I changed it to a blue team with kenny as lead it worked fine

Try using different toons

If you are still having the same problem try using a different team. It was the only thing that worked for me

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I’m having a terrible issue with this today. The michonne C map that’s currently up keeps crashing over and over and stealing world energy. So I’m out the 10 balloons I used to open the map since I can’t finish it. This event has been nothing but frustrating. Wish they’d just take it down if they can’t make it run properly.

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