Michionne b roadmap broken.... jesus

u cannot even start it, give me my balloons back

Mine is broken too. Has been for hours. It’s super awesome.

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99+ Pulls? Nice

I’ve been having the issue where I start the map, get about 3-5 stages in, then the map closes. It has happened at least four times so far, but I keep trying because I really need to get those tokens. Unfortunately, each time it does this it is WORSE than not having done the map at all as I fall one token further behind.

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Those could all be the standard tokens from the war. Still not bad as they are at least 3 star items.

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Yep mine won’t start either. Scopely strikes again

Mines broken now too

@JB.Scopely @TayTron

Yeah… she’s broke

Still not working, an hour after scheduled start time.

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