Michelle vs Blue Harrison Lead

Michelle was my only attack lead with a team of Piper, Naya, Yellow Tyreese, and Barker (soon to be replaced with Red Govenor). I got 6* blue Harrison in SC pull this morning. Should I switch? I could trade out Piper for Blue Yumiko, Blue Alpha, or I might have yellow Shiva soon from league. Still fairly new and could use advice.

Which red Governor?

With your current toons I’d stick with Michelle lead attack and just add white shiva to it when you get her

Harrison looks great, I would definitely try Harrison lead, Michelle, white Shiva, Naya, yellow Tyreese.

It would be off color, but you may want to consider Piper instead of Shiva or Naya. Piper’s active skill is great for dealing with problematic weapons and her AR is good too.

^defintely another option would be yellow heavy but you could always have more than one attack team and just pick which you use depending on the enemy team

Have both, harrison team is blue and yellow for range teams that are red and blue. Michelle is yellow and red which is for eric teams which are blue and green. Dont get comfortable and get stuck with one team, i did that with my melee team for a long time and not i have an attack team for each kind of defense

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Don’t change, just create a different team with Harrison and test to watch who is better, or use for different enemies.

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