Michelle Item Guide

The previous thread where I posted this seems to have vanished overnight but figured the information would be helpful to repost, so see below. Essentially, Michelle will be available without spending anything provided you are able to complete sufficient milestones and complete the roadmaps.

EDIT: Updated to account for confirmation of final events with items from GR here:

Dynamite / Level Ups

  • The maximum possible dynamite is 10,250 and Michelle needs 3,000
  • There should be 10 level ups during the event, meaning alternating hitting the 100,000 on five (5x225) and 500,000 milestone on the other five (5x375) is enough to hit your 3,000 dynamite if you are light on resources.

Sewing Kits / Raids

  • There should be enough raids for 2,250 Sewing Kits (from milestones, not drops) and you need 1,000 for Michelle
  • 3x1,800 trophies and 2x1,200 trophies will get you enough Sewing Kits.

Matchbooks / Wars

  • There will be 2 wars, but if you haven’t got the 100 matchbooks already you probably shouldn’t be realistically considering your prospects of getting Michelle. It was something minimal like 5,000 to get the 150 matchbooks last weekend, and suspect the same next weekend.
  • The wars should give you a total of 300 matchbooks.

Scalpel / Survival Road

  • There should be 975 Scalpel’s minimum across five SR’s (including Faction SR on final weekend which finishes only a few hours before the collections end - so beware relying on this final event) and you need 500 for Michelle.
  • Finishing Elite in four Survival Roads will be enough or three Golds and two Elites.

Obviously this is all based on some assumptions about event rotation not yet shown on the calendar, but given the repetitive nature of the calendar it should be pretty sound.

And finally…

Masks / Roadmaps

  • For everyone who keeps making spurious suggestions about them, 7 masks will be given out in the 7 roadmaps during the event. This is clearly stated in the in-game information. See screenshots below.


Thank you for laying the math out on this, my friend. Very helpful indeed.


Everyone probably noticed that the first mask roadmap was A++ and the second was S1++. So I’m hoping that the final one(s) are not at the level of Act II Stage 3 of the tyres event that a number of players found impossible to beat.

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At least this is normal energy so you can test as many teams as you want and try and find the best one


Which is probably why it’ll be a pretty easy final map

Nice work dude


Thank you for this!

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Really helpful. Thank you very much :+1:

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Thanks Benji


But will it stop the daily threads questioning whether it will be a ftp event…

Appreciate the effort @Kanaima


How do you know those 7 road maps gonna be free or non premium ? This is scopely and nobody should trust them, all that other stuff is free to obtain tho good info thanks


Quickly received my answer.


Great post.

I do find it slightly strange the timing of the roadmaps though…we had the first 2 very quickly with little time between…with 5 to go and only 13 days left…seems strange. Hopefully the next ones come up soon!

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Divides the $$$ and impatient from the patient lol

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I didnt pay attention to it :thinking: but players still can use an extra character from your faction’s buddies to beat it.

Oooh Lydia enemy at the end of the third road map. Some people might be in for a tough time by the seventh…

At least it’s just normal energy

Or a raodmap that cost coins for each stage
Just saying

Yes, S2 this time. I have yet to start it though.

Thank you :grinning::ok_hand: