Michelle ap gain not work

Ap gain activeskill Michelle it not working right ap go to her self or chr already max ap
Its really disappointed

Fast Betas 100%ap isnt working proper. If a toon is already ready to rush and he goes off he applies the 100% to them. The only time it works proper is if no one is at full ar. This needs to be Addressed as the 100%ap gain is a big part of using him. Not sure if michelles is supposed to go to herself but I have noticed that if only 1 toon is not full ar it will go to them but if 2 toons arent maxed 1 still goes to a full ar toon.
@LadyGeek i can’t do video on this device but ill try and get one however i imagine alot will notice in raids having Michelle and trying her out. You will likley get a video.

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