Michelle and Pipers rushs are bugged

I have noticed with Michelle or Piper that sometimes when they rush, it will not hit the selected toon and hit 2 others or even sometimes hit that targeted toon and 2 others killing 3 toons, i will try to record this but i dont want to record for hours trying to find this bug as it’s not my job, i do not get paid to do this but i will try to record it, this has gone on actually for a few weeks and needs to be looked into by employees who are paid to do this. @GR.Scopely please bring this to the team.

These are the only 2 toons i have noticed this with (havent tried others toons with similar rush tho) but i am sure others might be doing the same, both Piper and Michelle have a rush that hits 2 enemies but should hit one that is selected and then one other enemy and as i said sometimes hits 2 random enemies or even 3. Has anyone else experienced this? Also look out for this and try to record it if you can since we have to do scopelys job. :roll_eyes:


I did notice this with exactly both toons. Since 1 1/2 month it‘s going on though it doesn’t occur often just sometimes. So, I suppose they have made changes in the code of the toons or game / battle dynamics again without letting others know about it.

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Up to 2 enemies, mean she can hit 1 or 2.
But she still should hit target toon, if not it a Bug.

Then why is she hitting 3 sometimes? Why is Piper doing this also? Why does this happen only sometimes and not always? Why was it before, hitting the toon you target and another toon but now is different? Was it changed? Again why only sometimes?

She should be only hitting up to 2 enemies, not 1 and then 2 others, only 2 at the max and she should be hitting one of the toons that you selected to rush. Her rush as of now is random and all over the place.

If one of the enemies you hit had pain split it would then hit 3 people


Record video or screenshots of these “bugs” because a lot of the time they can be explained and arent really bugs

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As i said in the post, which i will try but not going to go out of my way as i dont have a case to prove to the community that it wasnt pain split, i just want to bring it up for scopely to look into.

I’ve seen it many times too. No pain split involved Michelle will damage 3 toons in one rush. Didn’t want to say anything because it’s handy when it happens usually but seeing as people are discrediting it I figured I’d throw my experience in.

Well when it happens for me and i kill 3 then hell yea lol but others have this also and that means they do this to my team which is no thanks lol

True it’s a two way street

happened on a stream of mine before, made no sense as it massively reduced the damage too.

3hours, 45mins and 18seconds, Piper rushes Eric but stuns the other two and damages all 3.


Awesome! Thank you Lockdown! @Duffy1978 @LadyGeek @GR.Scopely here ya go :smiley:

Definitely bugged there is no explanation I can find for that to have happened


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Awesome! Thank you!

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely @TayTron

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You fools why would report bugged Michelle do you know what happens to bugged free toons

Prepare for your Mich-elle to be mich-onned
Scopley prob go while we are at it lets em lower the dmg and make her bleed proc less

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If this happens for me, it happens against me, i want it fixed

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I really don’t understand what exactly do you expect from Scopely. To nerf Michelle?

To fix a bug. This is for Piper also and i assume it is for any toon that hits multi targets like they do.