Mich roadmap 3 times?

Does anyone know what the times of the roadmap are? Supposed to be 8 a day and I haven’t seen one…
Please post the time zone of the time you say too please, so I can work it out.

Scolpely doesn’t work on the weekends… And looks like they forgot about it… Should start 17 hours ago

Well want 100 balloons this time yet another fuck up

Well f. Thanks guys
Guess they’re on the yacht again

need 32 opens and can get her dont care for doing 72 i have 3 lots of both toons lol.

You still have to open all 72 because you need all the green kites to claim her even if you are luck to already have the two required toons maxed leveled.

That’s the part that really pisses me off. That Zeke is total crap and Chris isn’t much better either with that slow crappy rush but at least he’s also got a useful skill like decap.

Forcing people to waste gear and trainers on turds just to get Mich is BS.

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