Mia wheel dont pay out cakes

You’re so good at math :heart_eyes:


7 days of free SC pull – no cakes too

This wheel is broken just saying

I did a 40 pull and there were no cake drops and support is not being helpful.
I’m never one to complain about my pulls but a 40 pull with 33% chance and to get none makes me feel like the wheel was broken at the time of the pull. It was During the mesh errors I thought they were over but got more errors after the pull.


Yes i know we dont like talking about our mistake pulls but it cant be like this.
And support say it is only a chance we soon up to a 1000 pull in here and we have maybe 20 cake… if precentage was true it would even out.

@LadyGeek ny help getting this resolved would be greatly appreciated

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Yeah I normally accept my fails and move on but not this time something is definitely wrong. I should of known better than to have done a pull during errors but I thought it was fixed.

And then support dont lissen…
They wrote to me you see the percentage on the ? mark
Even though i wrote the chance is 33% they just fill in a standard answer and say job done

Have anyone reached 30% on this wheel?

Not even close - mine was ~4%, which is a far cry from a normal deviation. I could understand 20%, as you know… RNG… But multiple people reporting very low % definitely shows there’s something wrong.

My guess is that someone made a “small” mistake and the actual odds are “3.3%” instead of “33%”.



or 0.33%
Support have now said it will take it back to the team becouse is so important to us 5 times now.
But assure me that it is nothing wrong.
Have they hired monkeys?

Exact same problem. Seems to have broke recently. Maybe when S class wheel came out. Did 40 pull the other day and got 456 cakes. Did 30 pull yesterday and got 0 cakes. How can it be 33% odds and get zero drops. That’s 1 in 165,000. Should have played the lotto instead.

Meanwhile scopley support keeps giving the same generic response. Thought that part of the promise of the future was to listen to your customers. Don’t feel listened to when I keep getting a generic response.


I promised if we asked them about why the server was slow yesterday they would say no it worked as inteded.

Compensation needs to be made here @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

Scopely was very quick to shut down Coingate, you need to compensate all players that have made pulls on this wheel and enough for them to complete the museum.

Hello Survivors,

I have reported your concerns about the Mia wheels and the odds related to the cakes within the wheel.


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Big thanks… Keep us posted

Thank you GR!

Not just the mia wheel, cake drops in all wheels have been not as advertised!

Exactly the same for me. Pulled on both the Sherri and Olivia wheels, received cakes pretty consistently, definitely 33% if not more on average. Pulled a 40 and a 10 on Mia, ZERO. Support being less than helpful, getting similar responses…

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People that played this for long know it is luckbased.
Made me laugh, support is hilarious