Mia wheel dont pay out cakes

How are you sucess in getting cakes from MIA premium
I got one cake of 18slice in a 40 pull
33% chance no way


Did my survival club open today. 2 cakes. Yes 2 whole cakes of 500 for the collection i dont even have the toons for. Such fun


Did a 40 from tapjoy coins and I got 52 cakes from 3 out of the 40. The numbers are def not the best for those odds.

Why are players trying to get cakes? For lily? To get a piece of a toon? It’s just amazing what’s going on in this game right now. Just wow.


To get priya

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No… to get part of priya.


No actully get priya

To get Ryan probably.

I got 2 cake drops in a 40 pull. I know people who have gotten 0 cake drops in a 40 pull

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so broken 33% is 13 cake drops in a 40 pull and so far zero have done that

Yet you keep doing it. Wooooooooooooooo


And your point of this comment is.
It say 33% and i want that cake yes i do it.

Yes but support blah blah blah chance and you dont know before what you get blah blah

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My point is you keep feeding the dude to not pimp slap you, yet the dude pimp slaps you anyway. Then you go back for more.


Yes thats true, but they have to man up there mistakes and this is one. 33% is not true and they refuse to look it up.

The problem is they don’t care about any of us. Only their wallets. It has always been that way and it’s getting worse every day. So giving them money for promos after promos further adds to their agenda of money first players last. Their odds is a magical fisting machine too.


We cant prove that we so low odds like 0.2 or 0.4 but with a 33% odds we can check the numbers and they dont match up.
do they match up in any wheel ?

I can guarantee they won’t match up. They can say whatever number they want and there really isn’t anyone that can verify or dispute it. Unless someone that codes whistle blows then we have to assume it is what it is. Problem there is scopely eats much ass.


After 120 pulls of mia wheel, I had the same experience. Cakes were maybe 5 of those 120 pulls, not 40 as the 1/3 odds would suggest.

We should use this thread and ask for money back
33% is not granted for sure