Mia ignores crosshairs among other things

Come on scopes fix this.
Crosshairs and heal reduction both.
And no video but I am sure more have this issue.

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Are you talking about her outlast triggering? That’s working as intended.

If not, I haven’t seen it, and haven’t heard anyone else complain. Let me know more details, what you’re seeing that you think is broken.

Not outlast.
But I activate wangfa crosshairs kill her with another toon but no decapitate.
And I checked no crosshair resist mod.

She performs outlast then Pete revives her.
When wangfa crosshairs should have decapitated her.

There is a lot of bugs in this war.
Aarav rushing 3 times with no command
Yellow mercer dies and revive himself etc etc

And 6* bide toons in sclass heavy hitters times…big mistake

Maybe it Wangfa and not Mia? My raulito is still decaping her no problem

Heard about crosshairs having its fair share of problems.
Maybe it’s not Mia.

Wangfa works on every toon I have tried except Mia

Guess this is what happens when you don’t keep on top of your maintenance :frowning:

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I found Xhairs is taking her out perfectly! No problem for me!

Maybe it’s cause she gains extra turn with outlast therefore out running crosshairs. Same thing happened to me. Leave her for last. The revive glitch also happened, guy was in a loop fired the shotgun offer himself. Loop.

Just sharing my experience so far, Raulito lead crosshairs taking Mia out as expected.

Hi there do you have and video of this?

I would say no

Does anyone have video of this? I don’t use crosshairs - so not sure the circumstances

Loooool Pete rushed randomly buncha times this war for me…even when stunned, impaired coupla times. I don’t blame him, with the amount of SPriyas bodying him, he had it enough!

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Cause maybe he have a resistance in his 4th slot weapons

Thats a bug.
4 star jeremy was the last survivor in hordes

So I killed him but
Hit zombie > die > comes back to life > hit zombie > die > comes back to life

I haven’t seen this bug ever since hordes.

Is it possible that crosshair / heal reduction resolves itself before she dies (after her outlast phase)? For Mr jones for example - his crosshairs resolves before infection kills the toon

theres a possibility a toon like zachary or Mackenzie had removed crosshairs with there rush negating the decapitate before she kicked the bucket. Ive made it happen a dozen times over