MIA... After so much hostility this weekend


Granted i was spewing some hostility as well(justifiably). This war was awful from prizes to format to just about everything, unless you happened to be in an inactive faction. Why is @kalishane MIA? Did she take the hate to the liveops team? Is she reviewing the posts of how awful things are? Did she just sleep in(i would have)? What did you think of the war this weekend @kalishane?



It is Margarita Monday, after all.

Keep Surviving!


She’s at her favorite hangout spot. Disneyland :joy:


Dude, im all for being annoyed… but how many hours do you expect her to work in a week?

Shes 9-5/M-F and based in California. meaning its still morning on Monday. Im sure her first urge isnt to jump back into the blackhole love-fest; mutual-respect should hopefully help your cause.

This link is likely the most useful to see what she’s up to:


I gave her a few hours to get settled:P Honestly with the hostility she saw on Friday afternoon, i’d be weary of coming into work just to read a few of the posts that tagged her this weekend:P


Haha Mondays – lots to catch up on. But, I’m here.

Also, no pancakes for me – on a diet.

And traffic wasn’t so bad because Thanksgiving is coming up I think! I had to bring my puppy to work today because no one would watch her so I got in a little late.




Oooh, what kind of puppy? I have a Long-Haired Weimarimer, despite sometimes being a jerk, hes a pretty awesome dog:)


I’ve never seen a weimariner with such luxurious hair!! How beautiful!

I have a maltese!


He stays all pretty like so he can get you closer. Then he makes you love him. Then he steals food from your plate as you pet him. Then you forgive him because hes so pretty. It’s a viscous circle. Not unlike dealing with forums:P



Hahaha that face tho.