Metal Cutters - Where Are You?


I can’t farm metal cutters for the life of me lately and I need them to craft parts in the armory. What is the best place you find them?


They are on almost every stage in the world map but they don’t drop often. On Sat you can run the roadmap for a few but again they don’t drop nearly as often as they should. Just another one of Scopes plans to hold us back. Makes no sense because they don’t even sell them for cash.


I have 4697. Maybe sold 2k. They drop all the time for me. Mostly runing stages 7 and 8.


Are you ranged or melee? Crafting ranged parts costs like 3 and 4 per item. They go fast and I don’t have the time or patience to sit there for hours farming the world map and using up cans for bullshit like this.


Tower is range, attack is melee. I don’t farm like crazy either. Just run the maps while getting ready for work, lunch and before bed. With 3x speed its 30 seconds a run.


The Hotspot moves around but the game will tell you best drop rates. Go to anywhere that has icon pic of any item, here I use Metal Cutters

Click on the icon and get this

Click on “Where to find” for this

Click on “Stages” and stick near top of list for farming spot

Wash, repeat.

(This list rearranges daily so best to always check before any farming)


The order they list the stages has meaning? GTFO. lol

I will give it a shot. Thanks.

Edit - Ran the number 1 spot 5 times. Not a single metal cutter but I did get a 4 star smg so not a total waste. lol


Mostly ranged sadly!


Thank you! I’ve been going where it lists for a few days and they’re just not dropping as I wish they were


Still at the mercy of the almighty RNG. Drop leads can help.


Day 2 and only 1 of 10 tries did the metal cutters drop. Not seeing any kind of difference. Thanks for trying though. The game is all rng and crappy rng at that.

I always use a dropper when farming personally.


I am up 64 since posting yesterday. Only farming 7 and 8 and the hilltop map.


It’s because you don’t use them. The game knows what you need and will screw you over at every turn. I’m just glad I was able to get 2 stun and 2 impair weapons so I really don’t care too much at this point. Going for the occasional try at 1 more of each and then I can call it quits on crafting until they decide to create 5-star weapons.


I do use them. I try to craft both range and melee.

I am swimming in gear for some reason, all gear.


Then consider yourself very lucky. Ran 5 more stages in 7 and 8 not a single metal cutter. Got a few of the bronze crap though because I don’t use it.

Farming sucks anyway. The game is getting old it might be time to move on.


Why not farm workshop on Saturday’s?!?!

This is one of the easiest ways to get them. Workshop is my go to when I run low, which rarely happens.

Keep on surviving!!
Have a wonderful day!! :smiley::smiley::smiley:


I do and I use 79 energy twice when possible. I still get crap outside the 3 or 4 they give for beating the stage. You would think they would drop 100% here but they sure as hell don’t. The game is pure evil. We all know it.

…cutters and I’m not giving them to you"


The problem is that old regions dont have this problem as much as newer regions do, because crude bronze used to be worthless much like water bottles are so they have been collecting dust until armoury came out almost a year
I am always out of crude bronze, why cause i craft parts with them so i can attempt the armory, a typical upgrade for defender 3 on yellow providing you don’t have any of the parts requires heres a nice break down
4 hardened spikes (requires 12 bronze)
3 enclosed hilts (requires 9 bronxe)
4 grooved grips (+8 to for the grips+ extra to craft the spikes) so that requires(16 bronze + additional 32 to craft spikes)
1 Rubber padding (+6 for hilts) (4bronze + aditional 24 for hilts)

*So for one craft you require a grand total of 97 Crude Bronze Assume the same for bolt cutters and range

So the guy showing 1.2k Bolt cutters Grats that is 12 crafts

Finally for those saying just farm workshop , unfortunately there is no set stage for bronze or bolt cutters and they are classed as just as useful as water bottles, gunpowder and medication sets .
Take my farm this Saturday for them i used 5 cans and farmed a grand total of 134 crude bronze 1 craft yay me) aproximatley 120 metal cutters and around of each 270 water bottles, medication and gunpowder.

There is not an efficient way to farm either and is my limitng factor for crafting not pk or duct this


Excellent post. Nail on the head. Crap like metal cutters, crude bronze, and the like should be in the depot. This would be worth selling the extra beanies and bags on. Throw in shirts and gloves too. Farming sucks.


Always out of crude bronze of late. Many in my faction are too. Make crude bronze more readily available.

Pretty please.