Messed up on Koa's weapon


Need a hand here. This is the only one I have of this kinda weapon. I accidentally chose Slayer 3 instead of Raider 3 and I got this.

I wanted its stats to be:

  1. Defense
  2. HP
  3. AP down on defense

What do I do with it? Is this salvageable? Can I still use it for Koa or should I make it into something for Carl?


  1. Def
  2. AP increase on attack, atk, or HP?
  3. Stun?

Ugh, I’m in a predicament.


Well, you definitely don’t want that for Koa. But it’s absolutely salvageable.


I would give that to someone like Carl, yes. You can’t give it to Koa because it A) has a defending AP bonus, which you don’t want for a shield. And B) It has a stun on attack, which you don’t need for a shield.

For Koa, you want AP down which is Level 3 Raider crit. Continue trying for that. In the end, you want something like this:

35% defense
30% HP
AP down


Okay, I think I can do that with my swords. Damn, I so wanted Koa to have this.

Since I’ll be using it for Carl, whatcha think I should put on it’s 1st and 2nd stats? I’m gonna weigh my options and any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


If your gonna make a mistake stun on attack is one hell of a way to do it. :grin:

Like PatientZero said thats great for Carl.

edit - maybe just pump up the def to 40? Keep Carl alive for as long as possible. Or even 35 def and 30 hp removing the ap gain.


I know dude, that’s why I’m in such a cluster fuck of a mood! It’s my first green stun! But hot damn, why on this weapon…I moved too fast or got too cocky or forgot, I dunno…oi!

Even so, I can’t ascend Koa this week, so it’s okay. And I’ve already raided with it in Carl’s hands and it’s a beaut! Oh man. Maggie and Aris with their absolute defense weapon, Zeke with his crit, Wyatt for the lulz, it’s beautiful.


I actually have a similar weapon for legendary Command Glenn


Oh wow. So you tried to go for 40% defense?


That’s a good mess up at least lol.


Yes. I wasn’t sure what to do with it for awhile though. If you do have command Glenn, especially behind a Carl lead, he’s a massive PITA with that weapon lol


I don’t have Glenn, actually. Getting Rick up. Then Koa. Then probably Vincent. I plan on Vincent for defense, Carl/Rick for raids and wars. Depends on what I need their utilities for. I put two fast weapons in, hoping for another absolute defense cuz I’m gonna be running heavy melee soon. I have two Adens and my Carl is stuck at 7/10 for AR. Maggie is at 3/10. I dunno if to wait for Rick or use it for Maggie or just finish Carl already. I have so many moves to make and I dunno where to start. This screw up of mine wasn’t planned lolllll. I can’t believe I’m complaining about a green stun weapon…


Oh, but Gov is in my Supply Depot. I’d just have to sell most of the 4*s I’ve saved up. Dunno what to do, once again! Lolllll


Get the Gov if your planning on running ranged. Been waiting for ages for scopes to release his 6-star version. I have no regrets ascending him and I will most likely pick up a second as soon as I can. He is a bit of a glass cannon though but with so few f2p reds he is making it so much easier to smash Carl teams. No complaints with the Governor from me. I really missed having a neut on the team.


He is that good, huh? I have a great ranged team. I have many options in my roster, check it out:

Notable upcoming 6*s not pictured:

Carl, 2x Mirabelle, Abe, Koa, Rick


Nice roster.

Yeah since I got him t3 maxed and put him in the line up I am getting defends again from the top 50.

I’m currently running on offense. Mira, Gov, Dwight, Siddiq, and Yumi. On def I removed Yumi for Ty so I can run windowless. Really miss having Ty on offense but Siddiq and Yumi’s active confuse on t2 is a lifesaver. I also strongly recommend Siddiq. Command makes things fun plus his active and ar are fantastic.


Been chasing Siddiq since he has been placed in the game and he continue to eludes me. Absolutely agree with you on that, teams with him can be a real pain!!! Thanks for your advice all the time, Iron.

And thanks, Patient.

I really look forward to implementing some things to round off my playing experience. With wars on hiatus, I have a lot of time to really get my best dudes up and running at their fullest potential. I may just go ahead and get Gov, cuz I haven’t seen him in the Depot in months until last night.


Yeah if you have the markers spend them. Even if you hold off and just sit on him it’s always good to have options.

Good luck getting Siddiq. Bonus if you miss and get Lilly she is amazing for sr. Take care.

Lilly is 45 ap. Gives 65 att and 35 crit to all for 3 turns. So she is a beast for any walker or walker/human stage.


I keep hearing stories about Lilly. I look forward to that chance!


I would take mistakes like that all day long.


Lol I have tried for Siddiq about 20 times already. At one point, I got 5 Lillys in a row …

Never thought to use her on SR, but that’s bevause I use New threat Dwight as lead