Mesh code again

Anybody else having the mesh bug keep appearing again ?


Yeah this is stupid. Wasted war refill becouse that. Good job scopely. Not single day without some crap mess

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Whole faction has it


@GR.Scopely @ForumAdmin

Эта ошибка есть во время войны, выкидывает постоянно

Yeah we have it too and keeps resetting game. Such a joke!

Same here. In the middle of war battle too. The game that just keeps on giving lol.

Got kicked out of every battle with mesh 10000


It’s ridiculous can’t do nothing with this and this is why they should have people working on the weekend so be aware and fix this type of shit

So much for game Stability yep War and raiding broken, along with the widening gap and communication :-1: @GR.Scopely

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Same here☹️

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