MESH 1000000 Error [08/23]


We are aware of some of you getting the MESH 1000000 error when trying to access the game.

As stated in this thread, I have escalated this issue to the game team so they investigate further and apply a fix.



I cant get into arenas… @GR.Scopely


When are you going to get better developers because you cant run this game without errors ,bugs,glitches etc


hi, I play with 2 accounts. on 1 support I can not access the arena and on the other support connection impossible blah blah blah … so I find myself injured on 2 accounts bravo … while for some everything works … how to go to remedy these lost progress and rewards lost? cordially

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And when is this fix expected today tomorrow next week?

Those affected will prob lose log in streak and daily log in token. Hopefully this is fixed soon.


Another mess of the week, not surprised

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Scopely is broken

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Careful, i think its against the ToS to have two, just watch out

Please fix fast smh, login streak, arena progress, daily login token, we have fac lvl up, missing prizes and other things going on, i am also very worried about my training ground, i was down to under 24h last night but thought i could add surviviors today… if they run out i will ■■■■■■■ cry smh.

And 4 tickets as compensation is nothing, havent been able to login for almost 9h and that is very much when u try to be somewhat competetiv.


I think its a tad more than some of us. Calculate much at scopely?

My friend is having the same issue, going nuts latest 3 hours

Please keep us informed when this could be solved as we are loosing a lot of Process in the game…

Yep got this problem, its really bad but I am so use to being locked out of the game now and the crap compensation :joy:


Imagining how far down the league table a shall be when fixed what a joke good job scopley keep up the award winning efforts :trophy::1st_place_medal::2nd_place_medal::3rd_place_medal:


Yep, I was in the promotion bit for my league and now haven’t been able to log in all day, probably won’t even get coins now for top 15 or whatever the minimum is


I hate myself for still playing this game.


Madre mía no dais una a derechas, cada 2 por 3 errores, que pasa con arenas, con lv, con la cola de personajes de entrenamiento, meses trabajando en ellas y por culps vuestras fuera.

Menuda putada nos estáis haciendo, luego daréis insignias de esas de mierda que solo da peluches, menuda manera de luciros tenéis.


Havent been able to play all day. 10 hours +