MESH 100000 error - how can I solve it?

MESH 100000 error does not allow me to proceed with Survival Road. Many people like me have this problem.

Somebody kill this error with fire.


Yeah it’s super annoying. Hope they fix it at least before war

And wtf is error : content 2 ? Fix it please before war scopely


Sorry to hear about those.

To help us isolate and fix the issue, can I please ask you to attach your player details when reporting either of those 2 issues?

Mesh - Player Name / Faction Name / Region Name
Content 2 - Player Name / Faction Name / Region Name

Many thanks in advance!

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Can’t get on at all.

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same same over here

Clear cache and force stop works for me good luck =)

DukeNukem4ever / Banan Number One / Shelby (RU)
(BTW, I still didn’t get 5* Blue Rick)

Hopefully this is fixed before wars :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’ve been stuck on the “loading” screen for like the last 5 minutes smh

Been getting this message all morning

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Please fix this scopely before crw begin @JB.Scopely i’ve been sent you message also.

Player name: Jazz(>°-°)> [WMO]
Faction: War Members Only
Region: Dade (EN)

Content 2 only appeared once for me, but mesh error is all over the place

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Sameeee :joy:

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Let’s hope this isn’t one of those issues that cancels war.

You just jinxed us.

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY :shushing_face:

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Really a multitude of people have that, wanna blow up forums with screen shots and personal data.

Player: ALL
Faction: ALL
Region: ALL

No need to isolate…it is everywhere!


Mesh 100000 / Content 2. Fix your game!

Oh, I have mostly this MESH bullshit.