Merry Grinchmas



Enjoy the Winter Wheel event. 20% more tokens required to participate so break out your wallets :slight_smile:


Well it’s the season of giving so start giving them more of your money and they’ll give you an aris or winter richard


Nothing worth spinning for thank god my marriage will stay intact for one more wheel. could you imagine if they would of thrown b Morgan or a y wayland y Harper. Just one of them showing up in that wheel. I am sure many you would of been like me dropping dough buying token packs. Scopley employees would of had a gaurenteed holiday bonus. Luckily they knew we all needed to save our money to buy real presents for our family. Thank you Scopley for thinking of us.


If my wife don’t have access to my credit cards, why does scopely think they should?
#FortKnoxWallet :crazy_face:


that was very odd to see for sure, why increase to 120? just looks weird.


Why does it have to be Richard again? ffs :persevere:


richard or harlans all around guys :smiley:


Holiday spirit!


I don’t know why it’s so hard for them to just keep a wheel with no crap toons. Apart from Richard and Aris… all the toons are nice.


Theres ALWAYS a boobie prize with them.

Back in the day there was only 1, these days theres more filler and its flipped in the other direction
(with one or two REAL gems in the temp wheels)

Don’t worry though…
you can grind 1.25mil over 6 or 7 level ups for 15 of the 120 you need to do for a single pull.

Oh… or you can pay $10 for 15 of those as an offer,
or if you are REALLY loyal and drop $35 you can buy 50 right now!

Shaping up to be another stellar event !!!


Pretty trash so far what’s @JB.Scopely have to say about this


What do people not understand about the fact that @JB.Scopely has nothing to do with any decisions made. HE IS NOT EMPLOYED BY SCOPLEY! Players always ready to find something to B**** about and always ready to point fingers at JB. Leave the dude alone, he’s not your punching bag.


Um… He 100% is employed by scopely.


If they put the good toons in the token wheels who would be buying big packs and spending car payment size money on new op toons?


Just curious why this wheel has no Erika!??!? she is “winter edition” ?!?!



People are funny. :laughing:


Lowkey JB is just a hacker posing as scopely and blocked the devs from accessing the forum. That’s why we never see any of the gameplay devs here anymore


Uh as far as I know he is getting paid for his role so yeah he is employed by scopely lol


don’t forgot Yellow Negan


Because Erika would be too good of a toon to just give away.