Merry Christmas Everyone

Happy Christmas to all. Have decided to theme my christmas gifts this year on the game

First I will offer my family the chance to buy Christmas Card that has a 1% chance of containing 10 Christmas Tokens or a 99% chance of a tissue to catch their tears in. This for just $9.99

Second they can exchange 100 Christmas tokens for a Christmas Present which they can open for a 0.01% of a meal voucher for anything off the menu at ANY takeaway burger bar or a 99.99% ( rounded to 100% ) chance of a DIY beanz on toast kit.

Finally by opening just 10 Christmas Presents you will receive a GUARANTEED reward of a wallet. This will be significantly smaller than a normal wallet to account for the fact that you don’t have much money left to fill it.

Have decided also that I will “pop up” every hour, whilst sleeping, eating, shopping in the supermarket, having a shower etc etc to make sure they don’t miss this fantabulous offer.

Merry Christmas everybody


Haha Love this!

Brilliant 10/10! Pure evil!

This is epic

Made me chuckle. Well done :slight_smile:

Sounds awesome and I’m feeling lucky. How many can I purchase at $10 a pop? :wink:

Nice post. Merry Christmas. Donate the money you would have spent to charity instead.

merry christmas. and happy new year.

As if you haven’t spoken to someone in the family !!! But OK it’s one, after the initial purchase the price is $14.99 for a 1% chance of 3 Christmas Tokens. Congratulations for spoiling Christmas.

It appears family members around Cardiff seem to be most interested in the offer. For those unfamiliar with UK geography Cardiff is in Wales, and for some reason, Wales seems much more gullible.


I happen to know where Cardiff is, its the same place Doctor Who is and Torchwood was filmed.

You should let ur wife do the shopping this year.


You’re a Savage

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Print that, frame it and mailed it to scopes HQ… :joy::rofl::joy:


I’m sure Scopely are laughing too :joy:

Ba humbug

Man you hate your family lol?

Dont celebrate xmas but damn this was gold!

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