Merging Regions

Scopley needs to merge less active regions together


No thanks try again


Or buy a key and move wherever you want rather than whatever crappy region Scopley decide you should join?

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I agree there are 32 “en” regions marked low. They should shut those down and move them into med/high regions. They dont like the region they got pushed into they can transfer out to another region. The 32 low regions scopely can now recycle the region names & put the new people in those as I am sure they are running out of counties in Georgia.


They already ran out of counties in Georgia… They are using Florida and Alabama counties…

Not sure why they aren’t using Maryland or Virginia counties, to tie into the DC storylines…??

Any of those look familiar?

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If we get a free key to transfer out then sure. If scopely wants to lose more players and more income then also sure lol

Crawford merged into Atkinson wasn’t a great experience people locked out of game heaps left merging shouldn’t even be considered if you don’t like a region or the people in it transfer out but think before you do it as a lot of the low regions are closed I’m in Atkinson a closed region been here since the game was released I have no intention of leaving and if the region did merge again I know a lot of people would leave the game

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They would automatically put you in another region, so this wouldnt require a key from you, however if you dont like the region they put you in, then at that point yes it would require a key.

Yea thats the free key i am talking about, no entitlement, if im gonna be moved against my will, give me a key to move again

A lot of them look familiar cause i was born there lol

I think this is a good idea. We obviously have too many regions. It is hardly fair on match ups in CRW, and not the players fault the region is dead, yes they can move, but that is not realistic. just merge two regions together.

Also you said that from time to time region key would be given away. how about NOW

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