Merging Regions?

Hi @kalishane,

Mitchell region has started to enter meltdown. We are in trouble of crumbling completely and although I appreciate their are others worst of us than us, factions are starting to lose members and replacing them is starting to become incredibly difficult as players become less interested in the game.

Instead of all these new game modes and constant 6 stars, can investment be made to merge regions in one capacity or another? I appreciate that it’s not easy, but it can be done and it has to be done if this game is going to survive.

If regions were merging then that would give many people encouragement to keep going, including myself.



region merges has NEVER happened since i played this game. Merges doesnt make them any money. They don’t care if a region crumbles. They will just open a new one to gain more $$$$. There is no reason for them to help regions that are dying.

A merger would be nice, would save Mitchell. -Dirty Dan

I know that Atkinson is interested in a SECOND merge, yup, we were the one and only merge that happened (Crawford+Atkinson)… we are heading in the same direction that the OP described ever since the rollout of 6* and garbage prizes etc.

There were some tech issues at the time, but majority of them resolved, so don’t let that stop you Scopely from doing a new one for us and others!


many regions losing players everyday and most of them becoming wastelands. We need a proper solution to this.

Hear me now… quote me later… MERGES WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Either start a new chars in a fresh region or quit now.

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Funny thing is it’s not difficult. Takes a bit of elbow grease and quality assurance but It is far from difficult. They just want everyone to be live this is a hard thing to do because there is more money in forcing players to start over.

$Copley, Money Before Sense

I for one will not be spending any further money on this game until merge or account migration is a reality. Fook starting again from scratch only to be fooked by Scopely again later on down the track.

Despite dwindling numbers/activity/interest, our Region is great, not too much interpersonal drama and NO cheaters. And there are spenders in the mix as well.

It is really unmotivating to play in a dying region, it takes away the desire to play… All the factions lose members every week, the tops get filled by lowering their meta and the small ones disappear… Each day less reasons to play :frowning:
Stop creating new regions and make mergers by old!