Merging Baldwin region


Baldwin is in need of merging badly. We have 3 active factions remaining as more and more people are quoting the game due to always going against the same people and factions. Especially in war . Dade got reopened which would be nice seeing as we are one of the originals regions but merging would be better. All of us wouldn’t care which one u merge us with if they are active groups. Our region is dying fast as people are quiting daily and most of us are at least monthly pass spenders. Can we as a region please get the attention needed to fix this issue. Thx


Wilcox could use a boost in faction numbers , competition and players

Merge with us :stuck_out_tongue:


We would take anyone…
A lot are getting bored


@kalishane has said to people to message or tag her to suggest their region for a review


i hope scopely does something for you. I’m from dade and the reopening did help for sure but merging really would be the best option for them to try on your server. reopening has had its ups and downs. it’s a lot of work to wait and bring everyone up from zero when merges don’t have that problem if they are done right. we also got out first cheater that appeared on dade so that’s a negative thing that has come from it. we had to hammer at their door for a year to be heard so dont give up. good luck


I’ve tagged @kalishane numerous times and she just ignore me like she too cool to speak or address me


How do u tag her… need to get this ball rolling


Well got to keep trying…

Better than the customer service we get from msg in game support.


Baldwin has less than 100 full time players. This is based off the 2 and a half active factions in the region. How does this not warrant a region overhaul? I’ve wasted hundred of dollars on a region that Scopely ended up killing anyway.


@kalishane can you please review our region (baldwin) for reopening or better yet a merge so players can start enjoying the gaming experience we once had.


@kalishane come take on Morgan! In need of new blood.


Good luck guys, we had to spam the forums for over 12 months to get action in DADE. We hope we have proven its worked well enough for you other old regions to reopen/merge too.


Merge them with Troup, we are cool with taking in strays :stuck_out_tongue:


Report that guy. I did when I saw it.


What I don’t understand is why dade and a few other regions were closed for in the first place. Bibb is also one of the first regions but it was never closed.


@tomsquirrel, no idea. A lot of the oldest ones were closed after a few months. It was a terrible idea.

And yeah we reported the cheater, its pretty obvious that they have bought a team. No week old account could complete Legendary!


Hey guys! I’m sure you’re on the list! We’re taking one at a time. Someone from Sumter I believe contacted me a couple days ago, but i’m not sure who will be opened first, next. I will keep you posted!

I’m excited to open more for everyone!


I haven’t seen these for some reason.

Not too cool.

Total weirdo. That’s me.


@kalishane thx for your reply. It’s appreciated. Us Baldwin lot are just wanting to play this game and with Baldwin closed and no merge yet put numbers are dropping fast. If u could try n get onto this asap that wud be great.


Especially when you have the top faction being greedy and not helping at all. They’re taking adavantage. They have what, maybe 2 newbies max in TWD? Even my fac in Dade, The Outsiders has more than that and we’re ranked #2 :neutral_face: