Merge update for Faction 13 & NYCW

Dear faction member,

Both factions have now finished their votes and have both approved the merge. During the next few days we will be organising the two new factions that will result from this merge.
Selecting 15 to be a part of the new faction has been very difficult and has been considered over the duration of the faction merge negotiations by all of those in the F13 leadership committee. We made some hard decisions and have had to leave out people we really wanted to keep in.
We ask those not selected for the new faction to join a second new faction we will be organising that will be fully allied with the first and that we will give priority to whenever we have slots available.

Selected from Faction 13 are as follows:

Rotten johnny
Greek freek
Big train

I would like to thank everyone who has supported Faction 13 over the last 2.5 years, we’ve come a long way and I hope this merge takes us further than ever before. Those members going into the second faction please bear with us, you know i’ll be looking for any opportunity to bring you on board.



Damn, this was stern. Sounds like you work for scopely

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Wait . . . . . . . you mean I didnt make the cut? FML



Good job last CRW by the way.

Thanks, appreciate it

So when does the change take place? Should I begin looking for a new faction now? Or will an invite be sent for this new faction? I have been a member for a long time and I get ya want the best of the best. And I am not as strong when it comes to war. But I thought I at least held my own on some things…

Please close this post :sleeping:

You made it last 6 hours longer by posting.

And now I did too… oops

Thanks for the late reply :+1:

Oh noes! Dinzy made the cut! Well, that’s that I guess.