Merge or allow faction change regions

Is going be anymore regions to merge play in Jenkins tired winning every event no comp plz make regions more competitive CRW only thing fun anymore been like that for while instead all new regions better merge 3 active faction per region starting be the norm least give way to move faction different region


i like this idea of allowing fractions to change regions.but i think they should also allow single people to move as well.i mean my region is goodish but so tired of facing the same people/fractions all the time especially with all of the tourements they keep throwing on us

edit so our war just started little over a hour ago and our region is pretty much dead.i think we have a total of 9 fractions fighting,how are we supposed to score if no one is fighting ?.i would very much like to move to another region and be able to keep all of my 6’s instead of starting fresh…

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I agree #findmeagoodhome

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My region is still pretty active but what you said is a grow idea, honestly merging all regions together would be a better idea so that all players are in the same region

Scopely should create a region and move all accounts that have not had a login for more than 30 days there and move everyone else who is active to a new region. If those inactive accounts do log back in later on you can give them the option to transfer to the new region. I’m sure they can code something like that.

They’re just gonna say “It’s gonna take a while to code something like that” when they have 1 person working on everything.

They said earlier in the year it’ll take a whole year to ‘code’ mergers.

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Well what do we expect when they have 1 person operating just about everything important.

Exactly. It surely wouldn’t take that long if they had an actual team doing it.

If they don’t do anything, soon enough, more regions will be dead.

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Yeah, they did say that. They reopened Dade in a flash compared to a year.

They just want us to leave I think.

Yep. Well, early 2018 is almost over, and there’s still ALOT of OG 5* toons from that first list to be released as a 6*

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