Merge for Woc with pow

Pistols of Wrath looking to merge for woc

Can do 15/15 but would prefer to just put out the best 30 we can

Pow currently sitting 18th in standings

If you’ve qualifed for woc and want to strengthen up together please message me


If you are looking for a merge, best way to do it is to join the WoC 2 chat bud. At least there you might meet ppl wanting to merge.

Just gonna leave this here.


Fair point sly LoL

Lol Thor’s hammer!!!

What’s the name of the chairs game, the one you have to dance while music is on then get a seat when music is off? Of course there’s less chairs than participants

Musical chairs!

Yes! Well, reverse musical chairs, since is going to be more seats than players

See, I wouldn’t wait. I’d be talking now. (Well, I would have started Monday already). What if the hammer drops the day before war? At least have the communication pathways open.

Kinda of risky to post this on here. At least recruit quietly. If I were in this faction and thought I was on the bottom, I would be outa there.


Keyword on “committing.” Definitely talk, commit later.

I’m just gonna put this out there
This post accomplished what I had planned
None of you know what is going on in my faction so

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Ban day is fast becoming one of the most anticipated and exciting events in rts. lol
It needs to be put up in the calendar.


Goodluck PoW, Doc is a great leader, I wish you all the best moving forward!

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