Merge a few regions

Would still like some affirmation that there is some level of resourcing dedicated to this.

They won’t say because if they said this is not coming, I and many others would quit today cause this is the string we keep hoping is dangling in the not too distant future…

Being serious though, most regions appear to have an urgent need for a merge. Even those of us who have more active factions are losing more and more players every week (with a large bulk of people tending to leave after CRW - not sure if that is consistent with other regions).

If Scopely cannot facilitate this, I can’t see people sticking around for too much longer. If plans are not laid out and discussed with the player base soon, it may be too late to save this game and that will be a very sad day for a lot of us.

Keep surviving everyone (for as long as you can!)

382 part bronze stage…

We see a new request to help dying regions every week and they continue to ignore the pleading from their loyal customers much as A*****'s promises of player first were ignored as soon as they were presented to the players. Lets face it, they DON’T CARE about dying regions, they want you to either quit bc you know all the sale tricks of this company or want you to drop serious money to restart in a new region. Do you want to know why it takes months of grinding to even get a decent team in a new region? The game is designed this way bc people are leaving their dying region, joining newly opened ones and are spending money to get better faster. Scopely at this point in the game’s life cycle more than likely makes more from old players starting over than actual new players. That’s a major reason they’ll never implement mergers again, not that bs company statement bc if you only have 2 half factions in a region left, don’t tell a little competition is going to kill an already dead region. Its bc the real money is in forcing players to finally move out of inactivity and then expect them to spend to get competitive quickly.

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They already got over $30,000 from me for my roster. I have been complaining to them for over a year about Prestige points are useless to those already at 13. I am not moving to a new region to start over. We should be able to move our accounts to a new region since we have already spent a lot of money and time to get where we are.

Mergers have been brought up repeatedly for at least a year.

Cross region wars and events were supposed to be a short term solution while they came up with something for the long term.

Scopely’s vagueness and lack of transparency on the issue should tell you everything you need to know.

I deleted the app once 2018 hit.

If you’re not happy with the way things are going I’d recommend the same.

RIP Barrow.

CRW Just highlights the issue even more! What fun is wanting to be competitive but not having a player base that allows one to do so.

Self referencing:

Inactive accounts stay “alive” so if a user comes back they just transfer and carry on.
Still need to deal with multi-region accounts but I think that can be managed with a user prompt - if a user has accounts on multiple regions which are to be merged, when they try to transfer the first account the have to decide which account lives on, and the rest get deleted.

Other idea, why not run a survey on regions scopely would consider merging? If >25% of unique respondents (not all accounts) say no then the region doesn’t merge for at least 3/6 months.

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