Merge a few regions

So before the 6* were introduced to this game, my region (Evans-PT) used to have 6 very active faction’s and like 5-6 not so active ones.

After the release of 6*, one by one of the top 6 faction’s were ending because the amount of players leaving.
One player leave’s a top faction, you gonna need to recruit for a faction bellow.
So right now we have 3 active factions and like 5-6 that plays almost nothing. War’s are reduced to the top 3 factions fighting each other most of the time.

I guess this happened on most region’s, so it would be a great idea to merge 3 or more region’s of the same language into one. This will make region’s active again making the game fun for those who are still around. Otherwise the game will slowly die.

We are reduced to 3 faction’s, but who know’s when it will become 2? or worse, in the future with the amount of players leaving it might become just one…



Same everywhere


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I like my region dead. I get better placements for less input :slight_smile:


The need inactive rule in places if you don’t log on for a set amount of months your account will be delete it that is problem with dying regions new players come in here and there but since dying region is listed as high amount there they get shipped else were to new regions also need a faction rule of inactive or faction will be automatically disbanded. Then you work on mergers of regions this way it can be calculated who needs to be mergered


Also I’m in old region were Prestige systems is almost 2 years old we have the see of the dead of prestige 0 whole factions all 30 with 0

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once every 6 months whole factions should be given the option to transfer to another region…only one transfer a year and if individual players choose to stay they are simply removed from said faction…unless that player is leader of faction.solo players cannot migrate and factions must have defeated F.A lvl 4 to be eligible…each member must possess the maximum amount of wood and food and, 0 items or trainers follow, only the amount of toons needed to fill the number of team slots allowed, your gold, and weapons…maybe not even weapons…put a min/max on number of factions per region and and force relocate willing factions to different regions untill min/max number is reached then delete obsolete regions and focus on providing quality services and excellent customer appreciation to the smaller more managable number of, now bustling, full, happy regions, and the hiccups will cease, and scopely’s proffit margin should explode…make 5s toons viable again by making 5s team combo skills…have 5 select toons in same team with certain stats and special team combos activate, such as immunity to certain debuffs or weapon traits, or to apply debuffs and action penalties when attacked, just to name a few examples…shouldnt be so difficult to accomplish…people want to be happy, let them

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We need a migration or merger feature soon please stop banning me for suggesting it…

U don’t want to open up regions to new players because the new players are less likely to continue playing or spend if they can’t compete fair enough makes sense.

I understand that the less regions there are the less top prizes and the less coin spent to win first but alot of regions are so quiet that u can win easily without spending.

Also prize gaps are so low that first isn’t the advantage it used to be so less people will be worried about dropping down leaderboards slightly.

Or allow us to migrate to simular age region almost all active of players would pay!

We just want some competition in the older regions

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Well the dropping accounts in regions should go by as well if people have account in other regions there account should be gone from region as well when the account does in that different region everything gets sent to your main region toons, weapons, etc

Play that don’t play in my region control I got to say 500+ factions that are dead so that’s part of problem in my region I have my own bot that takes out the dead but even the open 1s that aren’t full can never be disbanded

I don’t care so much about merger I want clean up

How active is ur region tho we have less than 500 playing now here…
Some are less than 100 Sumter for example

We have between 500-700 That prize during solo events clean would help major to force a person with the dead move to atleast a semi active faction about 20-24 play in atleast 1 war

Actually see your point would give u a marginal boost in lower factions in war probably help in screven with 500 active players (score at least a point in most tourney’s)

Problem is how do u clean I have mates that picked up the game a few months ago after more than a year off who have since pulled for premier toons.

You can’t expect scopely to delete them an loose chance at the money plus I would be peed if I got deleted

Maybe should merge the older, less active regions once per month.

I’ve been banned multiple times for pressing the issue probably will do again after this.

It just feels they have nothing to loose on the regions below 500 population ther is so little competition if someone pushes for a solo all others back off they’ll just take the next one.

And all the players that would be willing to start again on a new region already have.

It would stop alot quitting if they knew that eventually they would get a merger or migration rather than feeling like our regions are plummeting to there inevitable demise.

They can’t do weekly mergers but yearly maybe… remember everytime they merge regions there are half as many rewards given out so less people pushing for places.

I just argue if they became more competitive regions by merging they would spend more competing for the prizes anyway isn’t that the reason so many whales quit before.


Bumping up.

Can’tbelieve regions are still languishing, locked and left behind.

Mergers can work, they did it before. Instead of moving whole factions, move individually. Remove factions from both regions, do the merge, then when the merge is complete, we can make factions again. I’m not computer savvy, but this seems like it would be easier to do than moving whole factions. While they’re at it they can purge both regions and put the inactive accounts on a dead server. Accounts that become active again get a one time move to a list of regions, list could be as little as 5 regions and as many as 10.

I agree. Players should be able to migrate to different regions… it would be so nice to a different region where people are still active in this game.

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I agree with this wise old man!