Mercer's Active Skill

It’s not registering. Is something wrong with my game? It should take one hit for it to build but it’s not gaining at all. Am I doing something wrong?

Active skills are turn based not hit based

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That’s what I meant sorry. When I’m on a Walker stage and I do a full rotation of all my toons it just doesn’t gain. It doesnt trigger once so I know it’s not been used more than 20 times.

Is the problem happening in survival road tournament? Which level are you up to?

If you’ve played enough stages in SR on auto, he would’ve reached his limit already. Active Skills don’t refresh once all are used, on SR. But I’m sure this resets after a time.

Anyone know how long till reset, if it happens?

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Yeah survival road. I didn’t know that. It should reset each stage. Why wouldnt it?

I remember seeing a comment by the devs that it was never designed to reset on SR.

Can’t remember the reason given, though.

It only resets after you complete the 25 stage road.

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each level (25 areas) resets the active abilities

Okay got it, thanks for the info. Now time to plan accordingly

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