Mercer's Active Skill bug (?)

@GR.Scopely, I still do not get Mercer’s gimmick. Is the amount of usage of his active skill supposed to be 20 or not? Because 20 times are just too unrealistic, even for a Legendary too.

This isn’t a bug


Even with such a cool down, 20 uses thing is a bit too much. Why not decrease it a bit?

I wasn’t a fan of it either.

The active skill doesn’t always get used.

Not a big deal


Seems every time I face him round two he uses it.


@GR.Scopely, @JB.Scopely, can you please explain how exactly is this Active Skill fair? Mercer’s weapon doubles the amount of restored health, so the only way to kill him is to stun him repeatedly and drain his AP at the same time. Am I right?

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It doesn’t always heal him

If he is the last of his team, it does.

Just stunlock him and voilà

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Dearest Scopely, please do NOT nerf my Mercer’s AR. It’s the only thing that made him worth pulling for. Otherwise, he’s a jumble of a toon built as a tank in a time when that meta is long gone.


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