Mercer shards where to get whats the plan

Hi, my question is that the mercer wheel disappeared where we can get the mercer shards to collect s class mercer? Are we going to get shards from level up events raid events, ir there will be a new choice box or the old will be updated? How long will that take? Same question for princess and future s classes like minerva. It would be nice to give us information. Ppl spent huge amount of money and might missing just a few shards to get him. Also question about kites and flags, you made a promise those will be back soon but months gone and we got nothing.

I’d assume they will be in the rotation like all the others just about 2 months away as we have only just had wangfa added to the choice boxes still waiting on daiyu then I’d assume Mercer and princess but it will be a while


Yep i can make guesses, but an announcement would be better from the team. Like sheila was on a wheel she disappeared and no way to get. We got no info no intro.

Sheila was a straight S Class so no cards of her coming. With Mercer generally it’s 3-4 weeks until the cards are more widely available after promo Daiyu will be up next before him probably in the next week or so will be added to the daily crate.

Seems like they have drastically slowed down the release of new cards. Obviously intentional to get players to spend for the S class version and not wait until cards become available.


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