Mercer OP or no?

All I can do is laugh


You have a great team. Take him down! Put those stun resists and reflect damage on there! And kick butt! Lol

That’s hot

Have to say I’ve never had more defends, and people are definitely avoiding it.

he is behind double Priyas with double attack and rampage

but I found an easy way to defeat those teams

It’s not just Mercer, it’s the abominations put around him, Cameron Scarr is one of the most terrifying characters in the current meta, as he also has full control.


How would you know?


Christa ass-blasts him. What?

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Imho mercer is quite manageable. Just maybe adds 1 or 2 more turns.

I was afraid mercer was such a game changer that he would force us to do manual attacking but that hasnt been the case. Auto-warring and watching netflix at the same time is still doable lol


Faced 4 of him so far, 2 Sclass and 2 6 star. Complete joke of a toon. Lost all 4.
What’s strange is I run top stun resists anyway, yet my toons still end up being stunned.

Lol Nice,This is why I asked if the stun would work still vs mods.Kind of figured it would have.Character is broken AF.
OP yes i’d say so.

Faced one this war, my whole attack team except one has stun resist. Usually was 2-3 that resisted the stun no problem. He was nice enough to repair so i tested this many times :wink:

Also the imbecile maxed out his active. Uses it turn one* for no reason at all hahahaha. What a waste.

faced him a few times and seems to stun 2-3 of mine as well. if he doesn’t stun my key toons he isn’t a problem, but if he does it can get ugly quickly. don’t mention the active :slight_smile:

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He certainly isnt crap like some characters that have been called op before release, looking at you yellow gov. Even without his lead skill he is solid.


He’s ok not a game changer though if u use stun resist mods and can eat a turn or 2

Please share that secret. Those Priyas are wiping any of my teams turn 1…lol

A friend uses a low lvl red 4* with reflect gun (+40% hp) reflect mod and defensive mods, priya always hit it first

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Facing toons like Cameron Scarr is one of the things that pushed me to quit. People who say “Just use Christa” literally don’t think about the fact that some people didn’t pick her. If the only counter you can give to a character is “You should’ve picked this optional character” you know a game is flawed.

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So because you didnt choose a character that everyone had access to that’s how you know a game is flawed? This game is flawed in many other ways. You making a choice isnt one of them.
Also toons like priya and jermiah exist, one defense down and priya rush later he doesnt stand a chance. Gotta play with your toons before you find a good combination. It’s hard to build a team that covers every possibility.

The fact that he has the potential to stun your entire team turn 1 is not the real problem here. The real problem is the fact that the S-Class version was up for sale. I seen entire factions with Mercer this war. Well all 8 in the fight anyway. This is the start of making all 6*s obsolete. This was an experiment by Scopley to see if putting up S-Class would get people spending again in large numbers. Success!!!

Same as with 5*s your roster will be worthless in about 3 months as more people are able to buy rather than grind. The power gap just exploded and everyone is cought in the blast zone. If you are willing to open your wallet you have cover. If you are ftp you are screwed. Try to keep up taking months to get an S-Class with the trickle of collection items. Or buy to stay competitive that’s the only options. There is also the final solution just quit…