Mercer chance crate?

Has anyone gotten Mercer from it?
I would have been happy with Trainer’s even but I feel like I got swindled just wondering if maybe its just my bucket.

Definitely your bucket. House wins always, in every casino.


Consider checking the google play store comments for Scopley’s Loony Tunes game.


10% chance apparently. Not terrible. But i know that i would get 2 useless gold mods. And certainly don’t need a 2nd Mercer.


I’m starting to suspect this game is less about strategy and more about are you dumb enough to take out a 2nd mortgage in the name of the shiny new thing.


Holy crap. I bought one crate(I am almost completely FTP) and I just got Mercer! :flushed: I have HORRIBLE luck on rng items and this is my first one!


Congrats I guess, please tell me you aren’t in Davidson lol

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No I’m not. Edgefield here! Lol

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well, this has me wanting to part with 3 bucks now :rofl:

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Congrats he is a great toon.i guess once in a lifetime scop let one good toon escape from their pandora box…last time I got a great toon in one pull it was *5 red rosita with impair, she was just released and that one pull was the luckiest one I ever had since then…

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I know what you mean! I NEVER have any luck! Coincidentally, today is my 1,500 day log in streak so I am secretly telling myself Scopes was just rewarding me for that. lol

Dang…1500 days…they should be giving you a Mercedes or something like that :grinning::grinning: and congrats again it’s a remarkable number to reach!!

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Not worth wasting money on

Mercer #3. Depot??



Several in my faction got Mercer, even double Mercer.
It worries me that S class are being sold so cheap.


Yep same in my faction. That was a v cheap and easy give away. :thinking:

Always look at the worst thing you can get and assume you’ll get that. Then you either won’t be dissapointed, or you won’t dissapoint yourself by buying


Got 2 mercer