Mercer as Premier?

Are u kidding? OMG!!!

A turd for premier, watch as everyone gets him :joy:


Can’t wait for yellow Barker to be on premier


If you actually check museum you would know why he is up


My cellphone translate “premier” like “primer minister”

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why, My Khaleesi?

You trade him and cakes for pryia :joy:

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still this is bs

Why does anyone care if a shit promo is up? The more the better. Don’t worry, the new S class will be out on Thursday.


Im honestly just want some dam acendance medal offers @JB.Scopely , @GR.Scopely , and @ForumAdmin.

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with fake Ods by scopley right !

I dont touch those trash rng offers only cans and medals.

hahahahh fair enough

Next is Wyatt

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They didnt even change toons in wheel. They just replaced zander with mercer. Still you can pull command toons :man_facepalming:t2:
This company has no passion to this game and TWD universe. They see only money everywhere :money_mouth_face:


They need to refresh the 5* wheel now the war one is gone, toons from favor wheel should be added too because you never get any token

The whole thing is very frustrating, you can’t have the toons you want, even the old ones

They need to just shut this game down… I don’t understand people even considering to Shell out more money anymore… It is all rigged

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I remember a time where they experimented with 50% off premiers. This would of been a time to do that considering Mercer is an older gen 2 toon, but hey, Scopely loves to be backwards.

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No, you get maxed Mercer and maxed Zander plus 500 red velvet cakes and you get a crate where you can choose Lydia or ice cream/blue keys/chocolate cake or bullets. Similar offers with just Mercer or Zander, but without a character.

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Have Xander and Mercer. And tbh if this company didn’t make a fool of themselves and the community, I’d probably would of pulled for the chances at cakes. But instead I’m rightfully wasting my money elsewhere