Merc Looking for 1A Faction - WOC

Looking to temporarily join a faction for WOC, any interested factions please line me @ sliestplayer, thanks and good luck to all in WOC2!


No one in a wave 1a faction wants whales joining, doubt anyone will try to pick u up. Good luck to you though

Yeah I’m sure whales dont whales joining there faction to win rewards. What?


Sly going the old @Wanderer route I see… Best of luck to ya!

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Didnt you retire?

Most whales already have their factions picked out, unless u have s15 and dropp a grand every war doubt anyone will snap at ya. Still good luck to you though

Are you kidding? Sly should have a dozen offers already.


Dumb post of the day award.

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Does sly even war?

He does ok.

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Haha yeah, I was just kidding. I was in same faction with him before his break and saw him dominate first hand

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Happy Cake Day

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Sly sucks

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Thanks, actual birthday today :slight_smile: cake day was Saturday.


Look at our girl AK with that 1.29m and btw that was just 1 of her accounts so if you count the other scores, it is much higher :grin:

Happy Bday LG!!!

Ummmm not really she was probably playing them at the same time. Can only get into so many wars. :man_shrugging:

Pure addiction. :joy:

No, she wars non stop lol for the entire time war is up, shes a beast