Memorial for magna being a good sheild

Press f and send graves
Scopes made. Her worse
Can’t be the awesome offensive sheild I guess
Now she has to be litteraly garbage :frowning:


Glad I quit when I did

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Im still using magna on def and getting def against whales


You look like you’re still here.


if they are true whales u cant def. them anyways




What is the problem with magna?

f2p = trash

I don’t have her either so I was wondering the same thing. Not that I typically have trouble with shields unless there are some very nasty teammates hiding behind one that can’t be allowed to fill their AR.

So yall have the ability to get two free shields from grinding and that is a problem? Man nothing makes you happy.

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You can actually get them from 5* wheel/ascension too, so it’s even less of a grind in SR.

No Lee makes. Me. Happy
He’s got lot of use for atk
He gets elusive
And has stun
But magna going from why was probaly one of the best rushes in the era to
Litteraly cheap trash in look and kit is terrible
She’s gone from hitting 3 to 2
65 to 40
Sure 2 turn Impair and damage
But she didnt need damage
You could her active is good
But you could have Bruce pop the same time has the active by then
Magna is bad and a r.i.p
Lee is unable at least despite scopleys attempt at being lazy they gave him elusive which we’ll while his atk buff may be irrelavnt having elusive on a sheild is a damm good combo