Meme Review - The Walking Dead: Road To Survival Edition

A few classics, a few new additions & more of the most dank memes from TWD RTS.

Thanks to the Purgatory Line Chat! I can’t wait for part 2!


All of these memes are made in very outdated meme fonts. One day I will make the best RTS memes to flex on these.

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Do it, please!! There is still time for part 2!

You obviously dont know what a meme king I am…

Funny, all this talk of memes and all I see is a video im not going to watch and a bunch of people trash talking…


@DANTERA get busy sir
Part 2

If you don’t know why Meme Review is in a video then Meme Review isn’t for you. Thanks tho!

Y’all must not know the word of the GhostToast.