Meme competition


Just a thought




Some screen grabs just work!



Omg I love that show!


Someone need to go explain to the social media experts at Scopely that mockery and fan art is not the same thing.



That’s mockery?


My apologies if I’m the one misunderstanding. But “Soon™” looks like a clear, and genius, mockery to me.


I added that because it was a reference to a running gag across a number of games where it’s used as a response to any and all player questions.

Or so I was told. @SuicidalPickles is actually the first guy I’ve seen use it.

Thought it was funny though.


Gold Radios are coming when this guy stops banging on the bus…



What are the odds that this is an extremely obscure inside joke or reference to perhaps the original ‘bangbus’ :thinking:


Wins^ lmao


Gold radios can only be used by melting items in Earls Smelter. 1000 stars worth of junk items yields an rng bag of radio parts that you need 100 of (3 components each, 1 per bag) that gives you a chance to craft it at Earls Armory based on the critical auccess table rate of luck for 4* weapons.

To access the smelter, you need a town hall 25 and then to upgrade the smelter to max level, a process that requires three arms, four pairs of testicles, all the hookers in the tri county area, pancakes in the shape of woodbury at a 1/2500 replica scale, and 4 billion wood, and a fake leg.

Each weapon smelted requires 10k wood.



Now don’t take it too serious. Just having a bit of fun. You know we love you guys!


I just want to skip wars against cheating factions like Jesus skips through the museum



Haha yeah that’s a big fail.


Caleb is ready for war. You can tell just by looking at him


Oh yeah. That axe is twitching with readiness


Did you add that piss stain to his junk or does he come that way?


He comes that way. Didn’t even notice until you mentioned it xD


It cost $100 bucks but it was worth the upgrade.