Meme competition






isn’t every thread on these forums already a meme competition?






How to confuse Shiva for 2 turnsGIFs2017101693644


The rare few who have gone for a few months and come back…




All Hail the King Baby!


3* Negan is bae.

(and also something I will never live down.)


Once your roster is flooded with 5* you have to make the hardest choice of life.

It took me so long to get rid of 3* Timothy. The 1st 3* I ever maxed…


This is an off topic thread.

Would you like someone breathing down your neck at your job all the time?

Jesus. Be mindful of shit before you post.



Good job bro


Im not happy with actions and recent events of scopely and ill voice it. It gives u no right to seek out and attack an employee who has no ability to change any of that tho. She can take it to the team and if they say f off then what yeah gonna do, hate on her for doing her job thats not right. You do damage to yourself and her by taking your time and hurting her feelings.


Lol brother all you do is prove what a thick skull you got and I don’t really care I said my piece. Gl and✌


Scopely be like… :see_no_evil:


@Heritor @ConcernedCanine you guys have the worst memes in this thread.




Upsidedown more likely know as level ups