Meme competition


Lighten the mood with some memes. Best meme of the weekend wins 25 rep. disclaimer not in game repZomboMeme 15092017234742

Deleted Threads?
In Soviet Russia weapon crafts you



People are always pissed off on the forums. I thought the forums is where support sent the pissed off people??? :thinking:


Challenge accepted


Some people need a break from the other threads, and we are all big on freedom of speech, as long it hurts no one, so maybe we should let these people have their meme competition if they want to. :woman_shrugging: Back to the thread. Show me some funny memes!


Thank you. It was posted off topic. It’s a forum. Not an agony aunt


I do have one pertaining to war and it’s quite good, but for the sake of the youngins on here, I have to erm, be tactful. :stuck_out_tongue:



I know a secret. Omg i cant believe it. Guess what??? Im not telling you :neutral_face:


You earned a mediocre meme


You stole the memes of @Final-Boss :drooling_face:


Ha he stole them off me… no lies. He is in my faction. I shall have words


Are we gonna have to see who submitted them to the meme album?


@Final-Boss Jack youre fired


I saw @Final-Boss post them 1st soooooooo :poop:





Jammy git


Pwettty pwease? :cry:


Post your meme!


PM it to me or send it to me on line, I bet mine are worse lmao