Membership map rewards

Last night I got the Membership map comics (7) but didn’t get the event rewards (Axe, etc). Is this being fixed?

There was an hour delay between map and event. Good luck with support…

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I’ve learned awhile ago, don’t open the bags as you get them.

Sit on them for a week.

When the next map rolls out you can do it but wait until next day to open bags, been caught too many times with sc missions and bonus missions being out of sync.

Just don’t open the bags until you need them.


Thanks for the response Phoenix. I got credit for the comics themselves but like I said, they didn’t give me the axe or the can choice rewards. Probably just griping for the sake of griping at this point. Not like support will do anything about it. :frowning:

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No kidding!

Same thing happened to me. Maybe its a daylight saving issue.
I didnt notice until I didnt receive the rewards in the events…

Did you contact support? I did last night and still haven’t received a response.

I did as well…same result

3 days still no response from support

good ol’ support

Had the same thing happen. Support said it’s being fixed, but didn’t give my my hatchet.

and not only that but all the comic rewards have disappeared from the museum. except the 50 comic, any chance of a refresh here? dont want another harrison or diego

Not getting the hatchet. They said the only thing they can suggests is to look in our inbox for more information.

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