Membership Locked Out

I signed up for me subscription pass for andrea and game crashed. Now I can’t get in. It is giving me an “error code: content 2” @JB.Scopely

Exact same for me

Same for me too, of course my subscription went through just fine. they can get one thing coded properly at least.

I just created an account here for this. Can someone tag jb and others?

saw that, different issue

i can no longer get into the actual game

But its worth the $25 a month, right? :joy:


Same here
What can we do ?

JB said it was part of the rushed pausing of the subscription service, An unforeseen side effect, and he said sorry, for whatever that’s worth.

Scopely’s official response:

Thank you for reaching out to JB for me

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Same and another faction crew mate. It sucks

Good news is now we can pay to level her…

Usually you don’t have to pay extra for it either


@JB.Scopely I still can’t buy the membership. Getting a 300.004 error code. It’s says it’s been purchased but I never got Andrea please help

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why is it almost $40 a month in Australia big rip off

so i got the seven day trial the transaction was successful but i got nothing ?

@CartsS1 same thing…I bought it and got nothing but a headache

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do you live outside the USA ? i’m hearing those outside didn’t get it lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Have you received anything? I’ve had this issue since yesterday morning at 8am.

no still nothing and no reply yet from Scopley ! Keep in touch Audrey ! let me know if you hear anything ! Happy Thanksgiving too by the way! Cheers Sylvia