Memba when Rewards were AMAZING

Do you Remember when an AOW war gave out the likes of Erin, All Teammates 30% Def against Ranged 30% Attack against Melee … 56AP 350 Damage & Stun to 2 enemies, All teammates 20% HP for 3 turns

Toons like this gave factions who were willing to fight tooth and nail get this character, ALL 30 of the players in a faction.

Whilst she was not game breaking so was a very versatile toon, she could be both used as a team leader for def or attack, she could be put in a team as a supporter etc

The idea would be that the better players could help younger players how to use this toon, talk about it, show different teams on how to use that toons, whats best to do with weapons and all that.

We would see a much more competitive push from the top teams to try and take first

NOW, all we get is tokens on an RNG Wheel with some decent toons on there (If were lucky) that month

It’s no coincidence many many players are putting the game down for a break or completely. many of the players in communities wants the game to get better but in this climate its still not being addressed.

Right now we are getting museum collections or roadmap events that bring out 2 new toons that arent on the top side of things, which is fine in my eyes, they are basically free for EVERYONE but it still negates the endgame with what you should be promoting.

an Event you want players/factions to push hard on and compete (Spend time and money) should have a DEFINITE reward to it, fight for a new character, MAKE war be all about this character if needs be, have a little story that shows the new toon being a new character in the story, and different alliances trying to get to that character at the end etc, not needed but can add more emphasis on players to obtain that toon.

As you are and should be made aware of, factions are right now playing/competing for PRIDE and thats it …
yes we all like to get 200 winter tokens at the end of a 200-500-950k war weekend But as seen in previous weeks those players push and push to end up with a randomly not so random pull of their 5th duplicated Red Richard … then leaves the game either fully or for a period of time

make RTS Great again or at least for a reason to play, keep aside new characters just for certain events … during war we had great new characters and also crap new characters (looking at you Tess) this was part of the fortnightly hype we built up for ourselves … spending all weekend thinking on how that character would be useful … it brought more camaraderie towards players

it also meant back in the day, factions could temporarily bring lower players up from weaker factions and boost their roster the next week with a brilliant toon etc … now we get Red richard and Harlan aplenty and everyone SS that crap and move on, never to ascend them

It’s a simple and tested theory that was once used and worked for players, that is what most “3 years Veterans” of the game are still expecting to happen.

Also please keep in mind that “Legacy” toons are still free to get and many players hoarded roster still has the toons so please do not consider older toons made into 6* a viable option as it still decreases hype when 75% or more of the faction has that toon already duplicated and ready to ascend 5 times over



7 chars


Remember when this game was fun?


TLDR: Scopely is being obvious with its money siphoning ways with 6*.

You’re welcome.

Yes I remember that. I think, as a consistently third placed faction member, I was earning my second consecutive Caroline.

Unique 5 star rewards did make people fight hard during war, but let’s not get all nostalgic and claim the rewards were better for all. People still fight just as hard during war for the current rewards.


Reason why this game will continue to put out trash as rewards.

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Memba when they said there’d be no 6* in the wheel, just the ascendable?

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i memba that minday

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Certain people are still fighting hard yes … to a degree, im sure as most have seen, many players have come to the realisation that the worth of buying a new promo comes to nothing anymore, yes dominate mostly with a new defence or attack BUT the realisation on the monday after a whole weekend of warring for something that will result in either a roster number or a replacement benedict will see them have an epiphany and walk from the game

im just thinking of a better way of keeping the game interesting and more “faction orientated” as it was before … we do remember the drop off with 3rd place, but you have to admit @Kanaima the war with Ben as 3rd plaec was a great noe for 3rd place rankee’s or the 2nd place Rocket Abe … these are just little things that can make the game better

Don’t get me wrong, the game has gotten better at given 6* to the players such as League shop, i am very confident and happy with how that is run … its just the other aspects of the shop i have problems with

I can translate it through the magic of colour pictures if you’d like

I memba…although saying memba makes me memba when i was …

You kids and “remember when” and your “YOLO”. When I first started playing we used to have to war outside in snow, while walking to school barefoot, uphill…both ways!!

Now kindly GTF off my lawn!!


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The people who could use those toons never actually had a shot at em imo, same thing would happen. Your stacked roster wouldn’t benefit from it at all( not you in particular op)

Its funny to see though, because tbh it’s never been more futile to stress yourself to be some almighty group. You win CRW cool so did 30 other groups in the game. Unfortunately scopely doesn’t want true competition, it doesn’t benefit them really. People still building up every promo, spending 1000s for pride or just out of habit at this point. The drive did originally come from the days of unique toons that actually made a difference and winning war meant you got better. Now you just get some extra gear and a few more trainers for next weeks toon you might level. There really is no content, every week you just look for something to level which in itself only takes more than 10 minutes because they haven’t added the ability to buy food in stacks yet.


They definitely need to bring back toons for top 3 rewards. These tokens and prize wheels offer no real incentive to dedicate the majority of your weekend to this repetitive game. You could put up 300k, get first, and end up pulling a Gator (just an example). While people in the 5th place faction with 20k pulls the best toon in the wheel.

There’s no real reward when the losers can get better prizes than the winners. Why should I fight hard when there’s a 90% chance I won’t get anything I can use?

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My only issue with tokens is the top 3 faction in a CRW already own more than half of the wheel and at most, get 3-5 pulls at that wheel during it’s duration. If they would stop putting in F2P toons such as Jessie, Jeremiah, Glenn, Connie, and more former promo toons like Violet, Mackenzie, ect then it wouldn’t be bad at all. I’ve personally netted more duplicates via the wheel than anything I could ever use on my roster and it’s frustrating after warring all weekend.

I remember being in a #6 faction and getting literal garbage like 2.5k 5* tokens while others got toons like monica and Kate those rewards basically made it to where you had to jump factions to even get decent rewards took me 4 wars to get a red Carolin from 5* tokens while others got 4 op toons so yeah imo those weren’t the greatest of times.

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Yep I fondly recall this as well … top factions got insanely strong while other twittled thumbs

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