Meh I'm extremely bored

s class clementine
3800 atk
5897 def
4794 hp
(with rings)

role= support
trait= tough

specialist skill = indomitable

adrenaline rush = alleviating arrows
deal 350% dmg to one enemy all teamates regain
80% hp recover from all penalties gain focus
50% atk and 50% def for 5 turns

active skill=
AP up and defence down block
all teamates get 50% AP and
defense down block for 4 turns
weapon = clementine’s defensive bow
. 30% def
. hugs bonus to AP when being attacked
. all teamates get bonus hp when attacked
I got this idea from @IMYOU


i would love to see a s class indomitable

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I need this in real life! Bonus hugs when being attacked!


lol i hug u ladygeek


I would definitely use this Character :smile:

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